Seeding Digital Change through Tailor-made Intelligent Technologies

The digital transformation is pervading and evolving the whole world, connecting people and cities, transforming any kind of asset, augmenting our own lives. To keep the pace with new market needs and trends, Intellisync has launched a brand-new website and renewed its business positioning, now ranging from Cybersecurity to Consulting Services and Seeding Experience.

Since its beginning, Intellysinc was born as a software house made of a team of expert engineers committed in the design and development of hardware and software platforms for the monitoring of critical infrastructures across different industries: transport, telecommunications, finance, insurance, healthcare.

Keeping all your data secure

Over time, Cybersecurity has become our core-business. In fact, we have been providing Cybersecurity As A Service (CaaS) to companies worldwide and defending several kinds of assets against external threats and internal intrusions. Through Intellisync, organizations have benefited of a comprehensive, real-time view of their networks and of their infrastructures granular security control, obtaining intelligent threat detection and prevention systems to keep all their data secure.

24/7 NOC & SOC

Augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it

Together with Cybersecurity services, we have been providing Intelligent Operations Centers for collecting and integrating any kind of data, monitoring and securing any kind of asset, at massive-scale, from a unique point of access. In fact, our Network Operation Center offers a comprehensive network service assurance including helpdesk management, fault management and Network management, with 4 dedicated monitoring rooms serving 20+ countries worldwide.

Consulting Services and Seeding Experience

On the other hand, we help organizations across private, public, and social sectors to create the change that matters most to them, partnering with our clients to transform their organizations, embedding technology into everything they do, and building durable capabilities. We believe that no digital innovation process can be really carried on without internal teams of skilled and well-trained employees. That’s why, besides the traditional consulting services, we’ve embraced a new way of providing business growth through the Seeding Experience.

We provide our know-how in:

  • ICT & Industrial Integration: we train new resources in mastering the technologies companies need to make their digital transformation plan work, boosting business process management through completely digital tools and workflows
  • Software development: we offer our strong technical background to design and develop custom solutions, supporting our customers in building their team of managers, architects and developers, making new projects grow
  • Digital marketing: we lead and support companies in their corporate rebranding process, building a stronger brand identity and implementing your digital marketing plan step-by-step
  • Data Analytics: we are specialized in the proactive monitoring of hardware and software infrastructures, providing high-level experience in methodologies for managing large-scale databases

Many cases of Seeding Experience have already been successfully accomplished such as the ones with national and international leading companies like Vodafone, Previnet, Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa and BaxEnergy. The Seeding Experience projects have allowed businesses to digitalize their internal and external processes while training their resources on the field, so to grow side-by-side and lead the digital change.


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