What does the future hold for the Cybersecurity Industry? Skills needed and landscapes for the next years.

The risks associated with cyberattacks have grown fast in the few last years. For this reason, companies try to shelter and enforce their computer systems from attacks before their personal information and sensitive data can be stolen by hackers who aim to promote criminal acts and harm the community.

According to this fast-growing safety demand, due especially to the times we are living, the Cybersecurity sector finds more and more fertile ground in the labor market. Perspective changes and the new companies’ purpose is to create a safe ecosystem, able to protect users and data.

The Cybersecurity world has undergone a huge increase in the last eight years: since 2013 to this day there has been a 350% increase in jobs in the sector. Cybersecurity job positions rose from one million in 2013 to 3.5 million expected for 2021.

According to the MIT Technology Review, however, less than one in four candidates will have the necessary skills to be able to access the multitude of vacancies in this area.

Therefore, according to the expected estimates, we will need a large number of cybersecurity specialists. We should then prepare ourselves to meet this request.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, open positions for 2021 will be as many as 2 million in the Asia-Pac region and almost 400.000 in Europe.

So, what will be the necessary skills to join the world of cybersecurity and offset the growing demand?

A Report produced in 2020 by BurningGlass, a leading labor market analytics firm, lists the fastest growing expertise demands in cybersecurity in the next 5 years.

Without any doubt, according to the study, there are two areas of competence which are the most growing in the next 5 years in this field:

  • Application Development Security with a growth equal to 164% Among the most demanded and remunerated positions in this field of competence we find figures like Software Developer, Cybersecurity Engineer, DevOps Engineer e Network Architect. The most requested skills: DevSecOps, Container Security, Microservices Security, Application Security Code Review. 
  • Cloud Security, with a growth equal to 114%. Among the most requested positions in this sector, we find professions like: Cloud Architect, Systems Engineer, Software Developer, Cybersecurity Engineer, Cybersecurity Consultant with the following skills:Azure Security, Cloud Security Infrastructure, Google Cloud Security, Public Cloud Security, Cloud Security Architecture

The other areas of expertise will be:

  • Risk Managment : 60% with the following skills: SABSA, FedRAMP, NIST Cyber Security Framework,Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Threath Intelligence 41%. If you want to be a Vulnerability Analyst you have to develop these skills: Threat Hunting, Security Insider Threat Mgmt, Threat Modelling, Threat Intelligence and Analysis, Threat Analysis
  • Incident Response 37% with the following competences: Anomaly Detection, Phishing, Social Engineering, Security Information and Event Management.
  • Compliance and Controls 36% with knowledges about: GDPR Assessment, Strategy & Remediation, NIST Security Standards, ICS Security Standards -NIST 800-82, ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-53.
  • Data Privacy and Data Security 32%. To be a best Cybersecurity Analyst to have to improve your skills about Data Privacy, Data Security.
  • Access Management, 32% with the following skills: Multi Factor Authentication, OAuth, Spring Security, Role Bases Access Control RBAC, Password Management.
  • Security Strategy and Governance 20% with: Cybersecurity Strategy, Information Governance, Security Operations Mgmt, Security Design, Security Implementation
  • Health Information Security 20% with: Health Care Security, Electronic Case Report Form (ECRF Design, Health Information Confidentiality, HIPAA Compliance, HIPAA Regulations.

Cybersecurity specialists earn 20% more than their IT colleagues and as Robert Herjavec stated :

“30 years ago, I had no idea a career in cybersecurity was even possible. Today it’s the hottest industry to be a part of and the resources are available, at your fingertips, to learn more and engage”.

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