Partnership Intellisync and Innova Technologies

Intellisync to announce the strategic partnership with Innova to boost the digital transformation in the Italian market

Innova is a Hi-Tech innovation consultancy firm committed to supporting digital transformation for many industries, including banking, insurance, FMCG, telecommunications, utility companies and so on. This fits perfectly with Intellisync’s vision and the synergy between the two companies is proved by the common goal to empower customers in their technological transformation journey.

Making a positive impact on national entrepreneurial ecosystems

Dynamics companies as Innova have a positive impact on the market. Innova’s highly skilled professionals offer their expertise with solutions aimed at the client’s business value growth. Business transformation, digital ecosystem creation and digital platform implementation are the three business lines served by Innova.

“We believe that our partnership with Intellisync, aimed at supporting companies for business growth, is a unique proposition to managers and executives looking for innovation from two market-leading firms” – says Fabrizio Virtuani, Chief Executive Officer at Innova. “Together, we will be able to help customers that feel the need for impactful business development and innovation, and with our new offerings we will deliver companies even more value”.

The more knowledge, the better deal

Economic growth potential is linked to digitalisation, which is becoming pervasive in society. The purpose of this partnership includes the offering of a wide range of solutions designed and developed by Intellisync’s team.

The added value of the collaboration between Intellisync and Innova consists of a comprehensive offering looking to target different vertical markets. The technologies provided by Intellisync include artificial intelligence and machine learning (conversational AI and ChatBot API), IoT platforms and proximity identification (RFID, NFC and QR Code), web and mobile development, and services such as security assessment and remediation, Security Operation Center, Network Operation Center, threat detection, remote working infrastructure consulting, and much more.

“We are proud to announce a brand-new partnership with Innova”, comments Simone Massaro, CEO at Intellisync. “We work on our clients’ success and we are deeply engaged with digital transformation. Trusting we are going to deliver innovation and a significant change to the Italian market together, our strategic partner is the ideal ally to achieve great business results”.

Security Operation Center di Intellisync

Intellisync’s Security Operation Center (SOC)

About Intellisync

Intellisync helps organizations across the private, public, and social sectors to create the change that matters most to them. We partner with our clients to transform their organizations, embed technology into everything they do, and build enduring capabilities. The company offers innovative solutions and services addressed to different sectors (transport, telecommunications, finance, insurance and healthcare), providing Cybersecurity As A Service (CaaS) and protecting critical infrastructures against cyber risks and threats. The company provides 24/7 dedicated Network and Service Operation Centers (NOC/SOC), for collecting and monitoring any kind of data, securing any kind of asset. Our team of experts offers end-to-end solutions ranging from development to project management and from consulting services to team building.

About Innova

Innova is an independent, business and technology-oriented innovation consultancy firm. The company helps its customers to design, develop and implement innovative solutions that make a positive impact on their business. Innova also delivers industry-specific architectures and solutions that include Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT.


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