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Austrian software giant “COPA-DATA” selects IntelliSync as new partner for digital transformation project

When Austrian automation software giant COPA-DATA was in need to expand their digital operations, they turned to IntelliSync to near-source the work and build a dedicated team with the competencies and skills required to grow.

The story

COPA-DATA needed to build up a high skilled and specialized team to develop a brand-new module for data analysis and visualization to be integrated into their zenon Software Platform, which greatly simplifies the monitoring, control and optimization of industrial operations and infrastructures.

IntelliSync offered COPA-DATA the possibility to accelerate the project by providing a dedicated team of skilled software developers, project managers, and quality control engineers. The team, working remotely from the Free Mind Foundry campus in Acireale (Italy), was immediately put together and allowed COPA-DATA to be productive in less than one month.

The project

The IntelliSync team has been taken with the development of a new module for the zenon® Software Platform which will improve the capability of visualization and analysis of real-time and historical data collected from industrial machines of various production lines.

The goal is to produce a user-friendly module, designed with security in mind, which will empower the zenon® Software Platform with new data visualizations, customizable dashboards, accurate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), trends analysis, and automated reports.

Building up the Ad-Hoc team for COPA-DATA

COPA-DATA needed to add new resources to its already existent multi-disciplinary team that could contribute to the development of these new functionalities to be integrated into the zenon® Software Platform. The project required different skilled profiles from full-stack developers to front-end developers, and a QA engineer.

IntelliSync passionately accepted this challenge and today, the newly built team, works remotely from the sea-side of Catania, remaining constantly in contact with the Salzburg headquarters and the other COPA-DATA internal team.

Remote working has become a central paradigm in the software industry but is fundamental to sourcing the right team for the job. The well-established skills in project management and software development of IntelliSync, and the consistent track records in several application fields such as Banking, Fintech, Energy Management, Digital Transformation, Business Processes Reengineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity & Defense made IntelliSync the ideal partner for COPA-DATA.

the copadata's team for digital transformation project
The newly established COPA-DATA team in the Free Mind Foundry for the digital transformation project

A partnership that looks to the future

“I am an admirer of the software platform and ecosystem built by COPA-DATA, and I wanted to help them to accelerate their growth. We all know how hard it can be to start up operations in another country and to find talented people. I offered my help to COPA-DATA to establish a new center of excellence for software development right here, in Italy” says Dr. Simone Massaro, CEO of IntelliSync. “With our help, COPA-DATA was able to start their new digital transformation project and expand in Italy nearly overnight. Our team accompanied COPA-DATA from the hiring process all the way up to the training and the start-up of the development cycle taking care of all the technicalities required to make the team fully operational in the shortest time possible. And time is of the essence in this business”.  

The Chief Marketing and Operation Officer of COPA-DATA, Phillip Werr, concluded: “The decision to strengthen a partnership with IntelliSync came from the desire to undertake a unique path: enabling everyone who works with industrial plants or deals with infrastructures to complete their tasks easily. We believe that IntelliSync can help us to create a solid and well-trained team over time, making this project valuable and successful for both.”

The best is yet to come...

A new business acceleration process already started. The partnership between IntellySync and COPA-DATA is just at the beginning, but it is based on solid common values of innovation, quality, and teamwork.

Davide Vecchio, BaxEnergy Chief Operating Officer and Head of Intellisync Digital Transformation Division declared “It has been a great experience working together with the COPA-DATA colleagues on the identification of their needs and on the definition of the common goals. We see great opportunities in the development of new competencies; we will make the new-born Intellisync – COPA-DATA team the next testimonial of a successful path towards digital transformation, exploring together new business opportunities with such a prestigious partner like COPA-DATA. We look forward to extending our collaboration with COPA-DATA over time, creating an increasingly valuable relationship of trust and mutual esteem.”

About IntelliSync

IntelliSync is a digital transformation power house with strong experience in the field of software automation and cyber security. The company distinguishes itself in offering Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) for monitoring and protecting different types of critical infrastructures from external threats and intrusions, and in developing projects for the digitization of business.

The growth of a company depends on the growth of its human capital, resources, and expertise; and the new paradigm for success is its willingness to change and the innovation of its processes.  IntelliSync evolved the traditional consulting services to support the growth and digitization of its customers’ business, at every level.


COPA-DATA is an independent software manufacturer with headquarters in Salzburg (Austria) and branch offices worldwide, which develops software for industrial automation and energy to make life easier for its customers. Founded and directed by Thomas Punzenberger (CEO), the company has grown over 35 years and currently employs more than 300 people worldwide.

COPA-DATA helps companies to implement digitization strategies, extracting valuable information from the data and then translating it into high-impact automated actions: from the production department to the control room, from renewable energy production to smart grids.

About zenon® Software Platform

zenon® Software Platform is deployed worldwide and is used by companies operating in the sectors of energy, industrial, automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and smart city.

zenon makes sure the plants operate reliably, flexibly, and efficiently. With this comprehensive software platform, decision-makers, engineers, and operators from manufacturing and power distribution companies can connect all relevant areas, from project creation to maintenance, increasing the efficiency of the entire plant.

Originally developed as automation software (HMI/SCADA), zenon® today supports many more application areas: from hardware-independent data acquisition, management of cross-site process data, ergonomic visualization and control to integrated analytics and reporting services. The software platform enables users to provide engineering and maintenance for applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

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