SAC entrusts Intellisync for Catania International Airport’s cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a critical aspect to ensure business continuity of corporate entities. Particularly, organizations operating in the critical infrastructures sector must be very careful in evaluating the level of security of their digital systems, and in protecting their digital surface to prevent the occurrence of cyber-attacks. Airport Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect. For this reason, the Catania Airport Company (SAC), confirming the strong focus on monitoring, updating and securing its systems and technologies, has chosen Intellisync to conduct an in-depth assessment of its entire digital infrastructure from the cybersecurity standpoint. 

The context

We are undergoing a period of great turmoil regarding the global and European geopolitical balances. Cyber-attacks are growing by the day and involve organizations of all sectors and sizes. In the past months, Italian airports have been prime targets of the Russian Killnet collective, which launched DDoS, “Distributed Denial of Service“, offensives to some of the country’s most important departure and landing areas such as Linate, Malpensa, and Orio al Serio*. SAC’s consciousness of the importance of cybersecurity has always ensured a high level of preparedness against cyber threats and risks, to date. The same awareness prompted the Company to request Intellisync’s support in assessing and auditing its digital systems to confirm and certify the security of the ICT infrastructure. 

Airport Cybersecurity

Nowadays, Airports Operators are working to transform Airports’ environments in true digital smart hubs. Hence, advanced systems for information security, surveillance, monitoring, communication, and decision support are increasingly needed. The goals set for modern Airport companies include the constant protection of systems and passengers’ information. These require specialized know-how to provide Cyber Threat Intelligence, as well as continuous and managed Cybersecurity Monitoring and Assessment services, to prevent, detect and respond to events potentially threatening the operational continuity of such critical infrastructures 

The Catania Airport Company (SAC)

SAC is the Airport Operator in charge of administering and managing the Catania Airport infrastructure, as well as coordinating and controlling the activities of the various flight companies. SAC is responsible for organizing all operations to ensure the efficient use of Airport resources and the necessary ground-handling services to users. SAC is also responsible for ensuring the development, implementation, maintenance, and full efficiency of the Air terminal and the flight infrastructure (runway, junctions, aprons). 

The project

The Intellisync team has started a project at the Catania Airport premises to support SAC in managing the security of its infrastructure. The project mainly_consists of Vulnerability Management activities, with Vulnerability Assessments conducted on multiple layers such as wired networks, client and server-side endpoints, the digital infrastructure, and the wireless airspace. Activities that involve scanning network devices, physical and virtual infrastructures, wireless networks, and LAN networks for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Together with the assessment, Penetration Tests are conducted that simulate Cyber-attacks. 


Intellisync is a Digital Transformation powerhouse with strong experience in the field of software Automation and Cybersecurity. The company offers Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) for monitoring and protecting different types of critical infrastructures from external threats and intrusions, and develops projects for the digital transformation of business processes. 

A company’s growth depends on the growth of its human capital, resources, and expertise; and the new paradigm for success is its willingness to change and innovate. Intellisync evolved the traditional consulting services to support the Growth, Digitization and Security of its customers’ business, at every level. 

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