ISO 9001 achievement by Intellisync

ISO 9001:2015: Intellisync achieves Quality Management System certification

Intellisync has obtained its Quality Management System certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 :2015 standard for the three-year period 2022-2025.

Conformity to the standards and controls identified within this norm, in fact, confirms the presence of a system that focuses on the qualitative effectiveness of business processes, analyzing in depth all the features that make it up.

Intellisync has always offered tailor-made services for clients, operating in a well-structured organizational context whose reference values are oriented to the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

This certification represents an important step in the company’s growth path, which places quality and drives us forward continuous improvements. During the audit on organizational processes, Intellisync demonstrated to satisfy all the requirements of the standard, leading the company’s activities to virtuous management of resources, processes, and needs.

The collaboration of several Intellisync ‘s internal teams was fundamental to achieve the objective. The standard, which focuses on the proper organization and management of a Quality Management System (QMS), covers the areas of business processes and procedures, design control, resources, and corrective and preventive actions of complaint control; all areas that were verified and validated during certification.

Le aree di intervento del Quality Management System

This is an important goal that enhances the work done by the company and thanks to which it will be possible to initiate interlocutions with institutional clients and access new business opportunities by facilitating qualification for calls and competitions. ISO 9001 certification is an important calling card and a prerequisite for many public and private tenders.

By achieving this milestone, we are proud to certify our commitment to improve the quality of business services offered and internal processes. Indeed, our customer-centric approach is based entirely on the recognition and deep study of the customers’ needs.

The Certificate was issued by the Certiquality certifying body and can be found at the link on the Intellisync website.

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