We’ve built a team of specialized professionals in different tecnological areas, bringing innovation to the bank workflows and processes, ensuring high availability and protection of their ICT infrastructure, through continuous monitoring, periodic cybersecurity assessments and active patrol of network, systems and devices.

We designed a comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan tailored on our customer mission and needs. The whole process, from the creation of the plan to the implementation of every single marketing action, has been executed by a Social Media and Digital Communication Specialist with the support of the Intellisync Marketing team, increasing the brand awareness of Banca Popolare Agricola, and making their brand identity stronger than ever.

We gave a new look to their hardawre and software infrastructures:

– UI/UX design and implementation of a new Intranet, using innovative, Cloud-based technologies

– UI/UX design and implementation of dashboards for data analysis and data quality. 

We customized our solution to monitor, control and secure their business:

– Customization of the Intellisync monitoring solution PROMETEO, for the proactive monitoring and security of the digital infrastructure, including availability remote checks of ATM devices

– Periodical VA

– PT, intrusion detections and hardening activities.

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